It's a Friday morning tradition but something is missing?

Yes it's Jess, who is enjoying a little vacation this week and her not being here to frolic with me has got me down a little bit. But as I always say nothing will turn your day around like a nice frolic, so away I go....

WOW!! Thanks to our guest frolicker, Val, our promotions director here at the Wolf!!!

See now I don't miss Jess at all...kidding!

As we say every week, if you had a tough work week or just need a little pick me up, nothing will make you feel better than a good ol’ fashioned frolic.

All you need to do is drop your arms to your sides, point your hands out and start frolicking around. I promise it’ll make you feel better. It worked for me!!!

Don't forget Jess is back with us on Monday were we can expect a full recap of her vacation, plus I'll let you know how Lake George goes!

Have a great weekend!

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