We say hello to the weekend and goodbye to New York Giant Eli Manning.

Yes it's Friday and it's time for us to send you into the weekend with our "Frolic Friday".

Every Friday Jess and I come up with a theme to frolic to and usually the theme is something fun and positive, not so much this week, at least for Jess.

If you missed it earlier this week the New York Football Giants announced that after over 200 plus starts at quarterback, Eli Manning has be benched in favor of back up QB and former New York Jet, Geno Smith and Giant fans including Jess are not happy.

Join us as we say goodbye....

Yes I'm laughing at the whole Eli situation but in all honesty, I'm kinda jealous as a Dallas Cowboys fan. He is one of the most consistent QB's ever and has 2 Super Bowl rings to prove it.

I'm gonna take the next week or so to try and convince Jess to bet on the December 10th Giants, Cowboys game as long as Eli is starting. LOL.

Have a great weekend!

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