So Jess and I we lucky enough to take the show on the road today and we added in a little frolic.

We were out celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the Barton Orchard Farm Market and Bakery on Noxon Road and we figured why not try to frolic for some free donuts.

You don't have to frolic for free donuts or coffee if you swing by and see us by 9 a.m. as the fine folks here at Barton are giving it all away for free.

We had our promo team member Christy grab some donuts and wait at one end of the parking lot baiting us to frolic to her for a free donut.

Away we go....

Nothing better than a free donut, worth every step of the friday morning frolic.

Now if your having a rough go at it this morning, nothing will make you feel better than a good frolic.

So drop your arms to your side a just start skipping around like you don have a care in the world.

See it works!!!

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