The weekend is here and we kick it off with a dangerous "Frolic".

Every Friday on the CJ in the morning, Jess and I try to send you into the weekend with a smile on your face and what brings smiles to faces all across the Hudson Valley?


Jess came up with our theme this week as she has started a new tradition for the month of November, shes calling it "No Candy November". After eating way to much candy all October, shes giving it up for the whole month of November and wanted to say goodbye to it by setting it on fire....

Did I mention that I hate the smell of burnt plastic? The smell is stuck in my nostrils!! UGH!!

We hope that everyone has a great weekend and as we always say if you had a rough week at work and need a little pick me up to get you through your day, nothing will make you feel better than a nice frolic.

So drop your hands to your side, point your hands out and start skipping around. We promise it'll make you feel GREAT!

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