Last month we told you about a food donation event at the Testimonial Gateway Trailhead with the Mohonk Preserve that would benefit Family of New Paltz. Thanks to the communities generosity that event was a big success. This month they are doing it again but doubling their efforts in hopes to help even more people in the community.

This Friday (February 5, 2021) the Mohonk Preserve will once again be taking donations of none perishable food items plus person care and household items to help people in our area at a Friday Food Drive. This month's food drive will have two locations and benefit local two organizations. On Friday from 7 AM to 3 PM at both the Testimonial Gateway Trailhead and the Spring Farm Trailhead will be the site for February's Friday Food Drive.

Last month people who donated to the Mohonk Preserves Friday Food Drive made it possible for them to donate seven truckloads of food and other items. This month they are hoping people can be just as generous. Items donated this Friday at the Testimonial Gateway Trailhead at 35 Route 299 in New Paltz will benefit Family of New Paltz. This month's second location will be Mohonk's Preserves Spring Farm Trailhead at 50 Upper 27 Knolls Road in High Falls. The items donate at Spring Farm will benefit the Rondout Valley Food Pantry.

If you enjoy walking on some great local trails both locations where you can donate food this Friday are perfect taking in the sites the Mohonk Preserve has to offer. If you want to get some fresh air and make a difference for people in our community the Friday Food Drive's at Mohonk Preserve offer the opportunity to do both at the same time.

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