Stewart's Shops has announced that they have decided to bring a little "Civility" back to the Hudson Valley....but how?

I think most of us can use a little civility in our lives and to help encourage kindness all across the Hudson Valley, Stewart's is bringing back their "Civility" ice cream promotion in hopes of everyone being kinder to each other with shareable ice cream.

What is Civility?

The dictionary definition is "formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech" but for our friends over at Stewart's Shops, it's a flavor of ice cream that Stewarts introduced us to us back in June of 2020. Civility is vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel swirl and if it sounds like something you'd like to try this week is the week to do it. The civility ice cream promotion this time around started on January 10th and will run through Sunday, January 16th.

How to Share Free Ice Cream at Stewart's

Head into your local Stweart's Shop with a friend, family member, or even a stranger, head over to the ice cream counter, and buy yourself a single scoop of Civility. Your purchase will then give you the chance to give whoever you brought in with you a free single scoop (The promotion applies only to Civility ice cream).

Google Maps
Google Maps

We've contacted a few of the Hudson Valley Stewart's locations including the location off of Route 55 at 6 Manchester Circle in Poughkeepsie, the employee who answered the phone happily confirmed that they were participating in the Civility ice cream promotion. Other stores that confirmed they are participating include locations in Port Ewen, Hopewell Junction, and New Paltz.

Stewart’s Shops President Gary Dake was asked by News 10 why Stewart's brought the ice cream promotion back again, he said "Nice people really do make people nicer. In these uncertain times, we are encouraging everyone to be more respectful, courteous, and kind to one another. A scoop of Civility ice cream could be just what we all need."

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