The former heavyweight champion is in the Hudson Valley and was spotted dining at a popular restaurant.

Everyone loves getting a photo with a celebrity. I'm not going to lie. I would be pretty nervous about asking Mike Tyson for a photo. At one time he was probably the most dangerous dude on the planet but I guess he's just a teddy bear.

Another celebrity has been spotted in the Hudson Valley. This time it's an athlete and not a singer or an actor. Well, I guess he's been in some movies. Mike Tyson was spotted eating at a local restaurant this past Monday.

The former heavyweight champion was reportedly visiting with some friends at the popular La Conca Doro Restaurant in Catskill, New York. A guest at the restaurant said he was extremely friendly and polite to both patrons and staff members of the establishment.

Credit: La Conca Doro Restaurant

Tyson is no stranger to Catskill and Upstate New York. According to an L.A. Times article from years ago. Tyson was released from a facility for troubled youth by boxing legend and trainer, Cus D’Amato. D'Amato raised Tyson in Catskill after eventually adopting him and transforming him into such a dominant boxer.

Cus may have saved Tyson from going down the wrong path. The famous Cus D'Amato gym is still located in Catskill, just behind the  La Conca Doro Restaurant.

Credit: Billy White IV

Tyson is added to the long list of celebrities who have recently been seen in the Hudson Valley including William H. Macy, Flo Rida, Post Malone and Ben Stiller.


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