Gear up for Halloween in Pine Bush, New York. Sure, the Orange County town is known for its UFO sightings but this time around it's all about the zombies.

This year is shaping up to be quite the successful Spooky Szn. There are so many fun haunted activities to try all across the Hudson Valley and one of the spookier towns is getting in on the fun.

If you're into the paranormal then you would know Pine Bush, New York is a hotbed for paranormal activity. Mostly in the skies. Pine Bush is known around town (and the US) as the "Area 51" of the East Coast.

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The Orange County town is home to the Pine BushUFO & Paranormal Museum which is open year-round. They also host the UFO Fair every June! For the month of October, they'll be hosting different Halloween-themed events.

Zombies Invade Pine Bush, New York

On Friday, October 28th, 2023, just in time for Halloween, Pine Bush UFO & Paranormal Museum will be hosting a Zombie Scavenger Hunt. You'll have to "outsmart the undead" for a chance to win a whole bunch of different prizes. The museum writes:

Use Your Braiiiiins to Outsmart the Undead. Sponsored by local Pine Bush businesses, this Zombie Scavenger Quest will have you scouting Pine Bush on foot, looking for clues, answering trivia questions and avoiding Zombies.

They'll have over $1,000 worth of prizes to long as you survive! Tickets are $25 a piece and can be purchased at and learn more about all their haunted happenings at 

Pine Bush may be the "Area 51" of the East Coast, but did it make the list of New York cities where you're most likely to see a UFO? Take a look below:

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