It will be news to some but others have been preparing for it since last year. The price of mailing a letter is about to go up. Actually the price of mailing anything is about to go up. However, there is one part of the equation that will be going down. Mailing a first class letter as of January 27th 2019 will cost you 5 cents more but each additional ounce of the first class weight for a letter is actually going down. If you have ever mailed a wedding invitation or any other piece of first class mail that requires extra postage you know what this means, you'll save money.

So why the increase? According to an article from on October 10th 2018 the USPS service has experienced losses for years. The drop in mail volume along with the cost of health care for postal workers and the pension obligations are outweighing the gains that they have made in package services. Basically, they are making money but not enough.

Hopefully this increase will not result in people using the postal service less. I still find them the best way to send packages to friends and family. I rarely mail individually stamped letters. Of course I also still have my forever stamps from the last time everyone panic over an increase and ran out to by every last stamp before the price went up.

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