Prices are going up everywhere. I really can't believe how fast my food bills have almost doubled. I am hoping when seasonal stuff from our local farmers returns to our grocery stores, we may see a bit of a price reduction but I am not going to count on it.

I feel very fortunate that I am able to go to the store and basically buy what I want. I may cut back on a few things but I am certainly not on such a tight budget that I am putting back ice cream treats or my favorite chips.

Stamp Out Hunger 2022 in New York


Some families in the Hudson Valley aren't as lucky. Whether it is the current inflation or just the hangover from COVID so many of our local families are struggling to keep food on the table and pay all the bills.

That's why it is nice to know that programs like Stamp Out Hunger exist. Held on the second Saturday in May which is the 14th this year it is simply a day when you can put out healthy non-perishable food items for your postal carriers to pick up. If you didn't get a note yet in your box you will soon.

Let's help our neighbors who may be trying to make ends meet. Even though our own food budgets have gone up it is nice to know that there is a way to pay it forward. And as always if you are in need of help don't be afraid to ask. The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley has so many resources not just for people who donate but also for people who are in need of food.

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