If you purchased a new Ford F-150, you may want to check this out. Their recall could effect you during this winter.

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Ford has issued a safety compliance recall on their new 2017 Ford F-150's. Approximately 8,000 vehicles have been recalled for a reprogram the instrument cluster display that may experience a loss of function immediately after start up in cold ambient temperatures, according to a Ford press release. The press release continues that there are 6,792 of these recalled vehicles in the United States,1,057 in Canada and 125 in Mexico. From the press release we learned that in the vehicles affected by the recall that "the transmission shift position indicator located in the instrument panel cluster may not illuminate and display the selected transmission gear position." This could also cause warning lights, messages and chimes not to go off that could prevent an accident.

The reference number for this recall is 17C01 and if you're vehicle is in need of a reprogram, Ford dealerships will take care of the issue at no cost.

There have been no reports of fires, accidents or incidents yet.

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