Ladies what do you think?

We got talking this morning on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show about how I'm now new to the dating scene and I can't believe how different it is today. I mean dating apps, swiping right or left, liking, not liking, I am so confused!!

As we started talking about dating, I asked Jess if for a first date does she prefer to have the guy she is going out with pick her up at her house or does she prefer to meet the guy at the place of the first date? She said she would rather meet the guy at the place because she doesn't want him to know where she lives just yet.

After that, I asked her if bringing flowers on a first date is a good idea or not. She said she would think that the guy may be trying to hard if he showed up with flowers and she wasn't alone.

Christina checked in on Facebook and told me that flowers are a turnoff and she said that it's too forward and creepy. "If he wants to bring one flower fine but no way should he bring a bunch of flowers."

I think I am more confused now than when we started talking about all of this!!!!

What do the ladies of the Hudson Valley think, should a guy bring flowers on a first date? Let us know on Facebook.

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