Be aware that car thieves are making their way through the Hudson Valley.

If you live in the Rhinebeck or Clinton areas of Dutchess county the New York State Police are warning car owners that car thieves are targeting cars in the area. Police have confirmed that three vehicles were stolen in the town of Clinton and another two vehicles were stolen in the town of Rhinebeck this past weekend.

One of the vehicles stolen was a 2016 Camaro convertible that was stolen right from the driveway at The Gardens condominium community located near the Village of Rhinebeck. We spoke to Joesph Cassarino who told us that his car was taken right from his driveway, "I walked out of my house on Sunday morning and told my wife that I’m running up to Samuel’s Sweet Shop to grab something before we drive to Hudson NY and when I looked in the driveway, I saw our Audi. However, I didn’t see my Camaro Convertible parked in the driveway".

Joe Cassirino
Joe Cassirino

Where Did it Go?

Joe went on to tell us that after he retraced everything he had done in the last 24 hours, he realized that his car might have been stolen so he contacted the police. Once the police responded, they told him there has been a string of car robberies in Rhinebeck.

All Cars That Were Stolen Had One Thing in Common

Joe told us that the police informed him that all the cars that were stolen from the area all had the keys or key FOBS left inside the car. Joe went on to say, "I told the Police that I’ve been doing this in Rhinebeck where I live for over twenty years because I never thought anyone would steal a car here!" Unfortunately, it's no longer a good idea to leave your keys in the car and always make sure to lock your car.

Some of the Stolen Cars Have Been Recovered

Joe told us, "I received a call that the Police and OnStar located my car with several other stolen cars ditched in Connecticut and that the Police will pick up my car and then bring it to Poughkeepsie sometime this week where I can inspect it for any damage." Fingers crossed that everyone will get the same callJoe got and have their cars returned without any damage.

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Lots of Car Have Been Broken Into

State Police report that in addition to the 5 cars that were stolen, 15 car break-ins have been recently reported. The State Police want to remind car owners to lock their vehicles, close all windows, secure the ignition keys properly, and never leave valuables, forms of identification, or money in your vehicle. If you see any suspicious activity, please contact the New York State Police at (845) 677-7300.

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