Dreams do come true, especially in the Hudson Valley. Those who played with cars or trucks growing up could have dreamt of actually owning one of these when they got older.

For me, I had a Mattel Barbie Yellow Volkswagen Beetle car that I put stickers on. It was so fun to play with and I always thought that I would own one when I grew up and could drive. However, this didn't happen but it was still exciting to fantasize about at the time.

A Childhood Dream May Be Coming True For Many Hudson Valley Residents


Whether you have dreamt of this or not, it would be pretty cool to purchase it either way. I had no idea that these kinds of vehicles were able to be sold to anyone from the general public.

It's interesting how this vehicle wouldn't be auctioned off or given to another company in need. However, it's time for history buffs or car/truck lovers to hop onto this opportunity.

You Can Now Own An Orange County, NY Fire Truck


A local, Hudson Valley Fire Department made an interesting post on social media. While some may have been scratching their heads when they saw it, others knew it would be a brilliant investment or something to make their inner child happy.

The Walden Fire Department Announced One Of Their Trucks Are For Sale

From the flier, we can see that a fire truck is for sale from the Walden Fire Department.

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The description is explained as, 

"For Sale, 2000 KME




1000 Gallons Of Water


Serviced, Inspected And Pump Tested Yearly"


How Much Is The Walden Fire Department Asking For Their Fire Truck?


What would your budget be for buying a fire truck? Depending on the person, I would say it varies. 

According to the Walden Fire Department, they are asking for 70,000 for the fire truck.

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If Interested, How Could Someone Contact The Walden Fire Department?

Dave Kurtz is the Walden Fire District's commissioner and can be contacted via phone or email.

845-476-0260 or dkurtz@waldenfd.org

What was your dream car to own as a child? If you were able to own it now, would you?

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