I am a coffee drinker. I love to drink coffee first thing morning. I really love to drink coffee when I am at work. And one of my favorite things to do when I head out on a road trip is to start out by stopping for a cup of coffee for the ride. So I may not be an official coffee critic but I feel my love for coffee allows me to give an opinion.

In this world of coffee houses, cafes, Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks it could be tough to decide who has the best coffee. Between McDonald's, Stewart Shops and your local QuickChek you can find lots of great coffee. But what makes a cup of coffee great? Simple, if it is made how you like it and you like where you are drinking it.

I have some favorite coffee places to get coffee. When I am in New Paltz I get my coffee at the Mudd Puddle at Water Street Market or the Bagel Cafe. When I am traveling north to visit family I always enjoy coffee from the Quickchek in Saugerties. And in the summer in Nantucket there is a little shop called the Handlebar Cafe. I also love a cup from McDonald's on my way to the radio station in the morning.

But if I had to pick the best cup of coffee I would pick the coffee I get at home, true morning coffee people know what I am saying. That amazing first cup of coffee poured from the pot before it isn't quite finished brewing. It is steaming hot and in my case it gets a little splash of whole milk and that's it "the best cup of coffee" I'll have all day. Whether I drink it back in bed watching the news or while I am standing on the porch soaking up morning sun, no cup of coffee tastes better.

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