Have you ever received a ticket in the mail from a speed camera in New York?

We shared numerous stories over the last few months regarding the installation of new speed cameras at various locations across the Hudson Valley so most of us are well aware that we need to pay attention to our speeds when we are driving but after receiving a ticket recently I'm wondering if I should pay it or fight it?

New York Speed Camera Ticket
New York State Department of Finance School Zone Speed Camera Unit

Speed Camera Ticket in New York City

There are a few things that can happen in a day that will turn a good day into a bad one, right? For example, after having a great day Sunday, I went to check my mail and was on the receiving end of a $50 punch to the throat...LOL! The "punch" was in ticket form from the New York City Department of Finance School Zone Camera Unit which informed me that I was caught going 36 MPH in a 25 MPH school zone on 5/19/2024.

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The ticket informed me that on Sunday, May 19th at 11:38 a.m. my car was caught going 11 miles an hour over the posted speed limit (25) on Baychester Ave. The ticket included a few pictures of my car and said the vehicle pictured was traveling at a speed of more than ten miles over the posted maximum speed limit within the school speed zone. I haven't received a ticket in many years and have never gotten one like this before so my first thought was a school zone ticket on a Sunday? There isn't any school on Sunday so the school zone issue should be irrelevant, right?


Speed Camera Ticket in New York
New York State Department of Finance School Zone Speed Camera Unit

Is It Worth Fighting a Speed Camera Ticket in New York?

Probably not! The ticket and New York City clearly state that school speed zone cameras are in effect year-round so there goes that defense. What about a first-time warning for drivers like me who haven't been ticketed in years? Nope, no warnings either! As I read through the ticket it does say on the back side that a NYC-employed technician did inspect the images from the camera that took the pictures of me speeding so the whole nobody witnessed me doing it is out the window too!

Without a leg to stand on, I guess I will pay the $50 fine before it goes up in 30 days ($75) and take this as a $50 lesson on remembering to slow down in school zones no matter what time of year, or the day of the week it is. Court dismissed!

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