You may have noticed it is getting darker sooner. As we get into fall it becomes much more noticeable. Suddenly you need to drive with your headlights on during the ride home from work. The darkness can be a bit frustrating because we aren't ready for days to get shorter but it is a great reason to break out the candles.

When I start noticing that it is getting darker early I actually get a bit excited. With the darkness arriving early, we can light candles earlier. That's right I am a big candle fan. I don't mind lighting them in the summer to keep the bugs at bay but the real reason I enjoy candles is the soft light they give off.


Why People Burn Candles

There are a variety of reasons why we light candles. Some of them ward off bugs, others help celebrate a birthday, and of course, there are also candles that make the room smell better. One of the main reasons people light a candle other than the electricity being out is to set the mood in a room. They also help us relax.


Being a candle fan also allows you to collect candle holders. It can be fun to collect different types. Hudson Valley antique and thrift stores are a great place to look. One of my favorite candles to burn is made by Mole Hollow Candles in Sturbridge, MA. But they aren't the only place you can get hand-dipped candles. As a matter of fact, we have some amazing candle stores right here in New York.

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Where to FInd Candles in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Candle Shops

The Hudson Valley has some wonder candle shops. One of them has been making and burning candles since 1969. Candles never go out of style.

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