Are you thinking of a fancy luxurious vacation? Are you busy pricing airfares to somewhere exotic? Maybe you are finally going to take that long-awaited trip that you had to put off over the last few years due to all the travel hassle from the fallout of COVID.

May I suggest you stop looking outside the Hudson Valley for a moment? Why not take a good look at some of the elegantly spectacular places where you can stay right here close to home? It means less time traveling, and more time relaxing.

Lavish Places to Stay in the Hudson Valley

Mohonk Mountain House via Facebook
Mohonk Mountain House via Facebook

I like to say it is the no passport needed luxury vacation in your own home town. New Paltz, Rhinebeck, and Mount Tremper are home to three award-winning resorts that offer all the luxury with the coziness of being close to home.

Mohonk Mountian House offers a trip back in time to classic Victorian elegance, Mirbeau Inn & Spa in Rhinebeck transports you to a European chateau experience in the heart of Dutchess County. The Emerson Resort & Spa offers the perfect upscale Adirondack Lodge getaway without traveling too far from home.

Places to have a Spa Vacation in New York

There is no need to hop on a plane or even take an extended vacation. There are elegant cozy places to stay in our own backyard, I realize that many people's goal this year was to finally go somewhere after having to travel cautiously due to COVID-19 but before you plan a trip outside the United States take a look at where you can go that is only a short drive away.

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Whether you want to take in the outdoors or are looking for a relaxing spa-type vacation you are going to be able to get just that at any of the resorts I have mentioned in the gallery attached. If you do want to travel outside of New York but want to stay in the US you have to check out the list of the coziest places to visit in each state.

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Luxurious places to Stay in the Hudson Valley

There is no need to show a passport to stay in these top-of-class resorts in Upstate New York. The Hudson Valley is home to luxury resorts that offer everything you will need to relax and enjoy a weekend away.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

Cozy Places to Visit in Every State

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