Unfortunately, when it comes to sexual harassment, everyone has a story.

News outlets have been buzzing when it comes to allegations of sexual harassment and rape against movie producer and executive Harvey Weinstein. Actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan, Angelina Jolie and more have all come forward with their own stories involving Weinstein. Others have come forward too, like Tomi-Ann Roberts who was an aspiring actress when she had a disturbing meeting with the producer.

After actor Ben Affleck spoke out against his friend Weinstein, he found himself in the spot light for acting the same way. Affleck later made a public apology for acting "inappropriately" during an interview on TRL with host, and Hudson Valley resident, Hilary Burton.

When a twitter user brought the story back to attention saying "everyone forgot" Burton replied, "I didn't forget."

I don't think any woman or man forgets when they're put in an awkward position where someone is touching them without their consent.

Like I said, every one has their own story. I have mine and I never forgot.

Back when I was in college I interned for a local television station. I was asked to cover a Holocaust memorial at local Synagogue. I set up my camera in the back of the room and started rolling. During the ceremony a Rabbi who worked at the synagogue came and stood next to me. He whispered in my ear about the families speaking and then he grabbed my butt.

You know when you do something really embarrassing and it feels like your heart drops in your chest? That's how I felt. I kept telling myself that it must have been an accident, but then he kept moving closer and there was nowhere I could go. Once he excused himself, I packed up my equipment and left.

While my story isn't as extreme as others, it still happened when it shouldn't have.

Sometimes talking about it helps, others might be too embarrassed to. Know that you're not alone and you have options. Whether it be a trusted friend or a professional.

Victim Services as well as the Grace Smith House are both two great organizations that help women and men when it comes to sexual assault, rape and domestic violence.


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