Have you ever tried to do one of these things?

Back when I was a young buck in the Windham mountains I had two sets of friends. One set that wanted to everything in the woods and the other set that loved to put stuff together.

Most of the time I chose to hang out with the go out in the woods friends for various reasons. One being I was a "dipper" back then so any chance I could pack a lip outside, I would.

Second, we did some really fun stuff outside, everything from hunting, haying, ATV riding, camping, I even spent a lot of time collecting sap during "sappin' season. LOL!

Being stuck at home in times like these make me wish that I could go back and choose the other set of friends a few more times because they were all so good at putting things together. Things like models and erector sets.

Anyone else remember erector sets? I remember trying a few times way back when to put one together and always gave up almost before I got started. I never thought I would ever think to try and build one again....until my son Jackson broke this bad boy out....


OMG! I'm starting to sweat just looking at this thing...Be listening Monday to see if I actually make it through building it or if it winds up in the woods, where I wish I was right now...LOL!

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