As you might expect with all the rain and now Tropical Storm Elsa dumping her share of water all over the Hudson Valley a few things that were scheduled for today and even tomorrow may have to be rescheduled or even canceled due to the weather.

The Accord Speedway has had to announce that they are canceling racing for tonight (Friday, July 9). The amount of rain the Hudson Valley has received won't allow them to get the track ready in time for tonight's schedule. We have reached out to the speedway for more information about the clean-up and drying out of the track. When we hear back we will update this information.

The Flash Flood Watch that has been in effect in the Hudson Valley for the last day or so has been extended to 4PM (July 9, 2021). According to the National Weather Service at NOAA scatter storms remind in the forecast through this afternoon when parts of the Hudson Valley region may see some breaks of sunshine but unfortunately it won't be enough to dry out the track at Accord in time for tonight's events.

There is also a chance that we could see some more rain overnight so going into the weekend there may be a few other activities around the area that have to adjust their plans based on weather. The Farmer's Almanac has called for us to have a Warm Stormy Summer and so far they have been spot on with our weather for June and July.

As we get other information regarding closures due to flooding we will update this article.

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