For deer hunters, next week will feel like Christmas.


According to a press release from Commissioner Basil Seggo of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), bow-hunting season will start sooner rather than later. The early bow season for the Northern Zone will start at sunrise on Tuesday, September 27th and will conclude on October 21st. For the Southern Zone, early bow-hunting (for deer and bear) starts Saturday October 1st and will run through November 18th.

Commissioner Basil is hopeful about the success of this years bow hunting season when it comes to deer stating "Hunting opportunities in New York have never been better and the start of hunting season is an essential economic driver for communities across the state."

Bow hunters who chose to use a crossbow can do so during the last 10 days of the season (Northern Zone Oct.12-21. Southern Zone can do so during the last 14 days- Nov. 5-18). If you are hunting with a crossbow you must have a muzzle-loader privilege and a qualifications certificate. Commissioner Basil also recommends passing up on smaller deer in hopes of coming across older bucks "With many hunters interested in seeing more older bucks in the field, bow-hunters might want to consider passing up shots on young bucks, and in areas where deer populations are larger than desired, to focus their hunting on antlerless deer."

The DEC also encourages bow-hunters to check out their sightings logs to help monitor deer populations.

Will you be bow-hunting next Tuesday?


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