If you have been waiting to sign up for E-Z Pass, now is the time to do it and save a little money.

According to WTEN, the New York Thruway Authority has announced that they are set to launch a $10 E-ZPass discount for new customers.

The Thruway Authority Acting Executive Director Matthew J. Driscoll told WTEN that, “We’re offering this account credit as an incentive for people considering purchasing an E-ZPass so they can join the millions of drivers already enjoying the discounts and flexible payment options available to customers.”

To take advantage of the discount, you can buy a Thruway E-ZPass tag at one of the more than 700 locations across the state, I'm almost positive that you can purchase one at most full service toll booths.

Once you purchase the tag you need to register it between Thursday, February 1st through Monday, February 26th and after you complete the registration you will be eligible to receive the account credit.

Customers will not receive the $10 credit until they take 10 trips on the Thruway within six months of signing up.

If you would like to sign up for E-Z Pass you can do that online here.

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