Many places throughout the Hudson Valley will be offering specials for Veterans and Active Military Members on Thursday, November 11th, 2021 in honor of Veterans Day.

Hopefully, you will be able to treat the Veteran or Military Service Member of your family to a wonderful day full of tributes and gratitude for their service. If you aren't sure if one of your favorite businesses is offering a discount you should contact them to find out.

One of my favorite stores in the Hudson Valley is the Restore Store for Dutchess Habitat for Humanity. I spend a lot of time there hunting down treasures for my antique business. The place is always full of so many things you can use around the house.

This Thursday in honor of Veterans Day, the Restore of Dutchess is offering all Veterans and Active Military 30% off their entire purchase. On top of the generous discount, they will also be handing out Girl Scout Cookies.

I grew up in the military. I can remember what it was like every time we moved. Most of our furniture didn't make the trip. It seemed everywhere we went, we'd end up with new items. Couches, dining room table, even beds. Fortunately, there was something called the Quartermaster's office and we were able to furnish our houses with furniture from there. But that also meant when we moved, the furniture went back to the Quartermaster.

The Restore Store at Habitat Dutchess offers wonderful deals every day to anyone. They also have an amazing selection of stuff. If you know someone who served our country or someone who is serving presently, make sure they know about this great deal on Thursday.

If you are not familiar with the Restore Store and what they do, it is simple: they reclaim, sell, and donate furniture, appliances, building materials, housewares, and tools. All the money they make goes to Habitat's mission to end poverty housing. If you have items you would like to rehome, they happily take donations.

Search a Restore Store in the Hudson Valley and see if you find one of these items.


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