Summer has arrived in the Hudson Valley. We are able to experience our favorite outdoor activities again, smell the fresh flowers that have blossomed, and soak up the sun.

While the majority of Hudson Valley residents look forward to the summer months (including myself), there are some other changes that come our way that we may not think about.

Most importantly, there is more traffic, construction and roadwork happening during the warmer months in the Hudson Valley.

Thankfully, we live in a desired area where there is never time to be bored. This encourages people to move to the Hudson Valley, therefore more roads need to be built and or changes made to them as well.

Where Are There Changes To Hudson Valley Roads And Bridges?

YouTube, Canva, Houlihan Lawrence
YouTube, Canva, Houlihan Lawrence

Hudson Valley bridges have had construction since the Spring.

Recently, I was coming off of the Bear Mountain Bridge and saw a sign that stated that one lane was closed to continue to travel along the water and into Westchester, NY. While we can't control the environments and roads changing around us, we can be aware of what's going on and plan accordingly.

The Bear Mountain Bridge, Wurts Street Bridge and another bridge in Greene County may cause delays.

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Changes Made To Dutchess County, NY Roads Have Happened

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

In Dutchess County, NY there are already changes that have been made to certain roads.

According to the City of Beacon, 

"Starting on Thursday, June 15th, South Avenue will be limited to one-way traffic heading southbound between Main Street and Beacon Street. "

This may cause delays of additional traffic in Beacon.

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The City of Beacon also shared that,

"This change was made to accommodate the upcoming renovation of the Lewis Tompkins Hose Firehouse and will sunset in October 2024."


What Should Beacon, NY Residents Do If They Have Concerns About Road Changes?

Canva, YouTube, Tom Sunday
Canva, YouTube, Tom Sunday

The City of Beacon shared that they apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause during this time. However, if anyone has any questions they can call the City of Beacon office at 845 838 5010.

What Do Hudson Valley Residents Feel About Road Changes In Beacon, NY?

The City of Beacon shared an informative post about the one-way traffic in Beacon, NY. Hudson Valley residents expressed their concerns in the comments section on the Facebook page of the City of Beacon Government.

With over 25 shares, likes and comments, Hudson Valley residents are aware of the change.

"What do you mean by "will sunset in October 2024?"


" It means that the law is temporary to coincide with the construction of the firehouse. The street will revert to two-way traffic in October 2024 unless the City takes action to make it permanent."

Do you know of any delays or changes with Hudson Valley roads? Share them below.

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