You had one job! An embarrassing error was spotted at the new Dunkin' in Middletown, NY.

From the Doh! File, the construction of a new Dunkin' in Middletown was met with surprise by Hudson Valley residents with the misspelling of a new sign. The Dunkin' on Dolson Ave.

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Gotta love Dunkin'! Dunkin is one of the largest coffee and donut shops in the world, with nearly 13,000 locations in 42 countries. That being said, the Hudson Valley area has its fair share of locations. There are numerous locations in and around the Hudson Valley.  One Dunkin' location at 148 Dolson Ave in Middletown is moving to a new facility at 250 Dolson Ave. Construction has apparently been going on for some time, and whoever was in charge of the signage on the facade clearly wasn't paying close attention.

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Middletown Mispelling

Social Media postings on Facebook began to circulate on Monday with a photo of the new Dunkin' construction in Middletown taken by Maria Morales with a sign that clearly shows a misspelling of the business.

Dunkin' was spelled Dunkni. What!? The mistake caught the eye of many that couldn't believe what they had seen. How could someone make that sort of mistake?


Whoever made the mistake was fired immediately afterward, one can only assume. The sign was reportedly being fixed later that day. Did you happen to pass by and see the embarrassing error? Let us know.

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