Is this something that all Hudson Valley Dunkin's do?

One place that the Hudson Valley is not short of is Dunkin' locations. I think almost every town has one there are numerous in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Middletown, get the idea every area has one, but after stopping at the Dunkin on Route 9D in Wappingers Falls the other day I'm wondering if they all follow the same rule.

Extra Swirl Pumps Cost More?

Personally, I'm a frequent flyer at Dunkin, and any time I go I order the same thing, an extra large regular light & sweet coffee. I go so often that I know exactly how much they charge me each time ($3.45)...LOL! Just the other day I had a friend in the car with me and we stopped at the Dunkin on 9D in Wappingers Falls, after we placed our order, (her's went something like 6 pumps of this, three pumps of that...LOL) I drove up to the pick-up window and noticed that Dunkin has started to charge more for extra flavor swirls.


Sorry for the glare in the picture above but I was trying to take the picture without the worker seeing me...LOL! If you can't read it, it basically says that they are "charging extra for pumps of swirls that exceed the standard recipe" So if you normally order a coffee with swirls the price will stay the same but if you order a flavored coffee and ask for more pumps than normal they are going to charge you more.

How Much More?

The sign didn't specify exactly how much each pump will cost but did say that the reason behind the charge is because of the rising cost of their swirls. If you go to any of the many Dunkin's in the area has yours started to charge more? How much more? Is this something new?

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