You have to try these bad boys out!

Just when I think I have tried everything, the donut gods come up with something new.

The good people over at Glazed Over on Main Street in Beacon have started making a sweet treat that you have to try out. Jess started talking about the donut ice cream sandwich last week and ever since I've been dying to try it.

She said that the Donut Ice Cream Sandwich is exactly what it sounds like. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two, freshly baked donuts.

All this talk about, I grabbed up my kids, Julianna and Jackson and we headed to Beacon to try it out for ourselves and the result was magical!

Take a look.....

I'm sorry if you are now sitting in front of your phone or computer starving...LOL! They really are delicious and definitely worth the trip into Beacon.


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