The times have changed when we have to actually set our clocks. For the most part, our phones set themselves and most people actually only use their phone clock.

However, there are microwave and stove clocks and in our house, our coffee pot has a clock for the timer so we have to set that too.

This weekend, we set our clocks ahead one hour.

Yes, that means we lose 1 hour of sleep.  We gain that hour back they say because we set our clocks back an hour in the fall.

I've heard that there are quite a few people that want to eliminate Daylight Savings Time all together and I'm all for it.

That would mean one time, never changing.  Hopefully it would be done when we "spring ahead"  so we would have longer daylight hours in the summer but we'll have to see on that.

Also, while we are on the topic of Daylight Savings Time, when talking about it this weekend there should be no S.  It's daylight saving time.   Daylight Savings Time is what the whole process is called.

OK, I'm off my soap box now.

Don't forget to "spring forward" or you'll wake up late for church, school or work.


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