Even if you've been living under a rock, chances are you've see Taylor Swift in some capacity this year.

The U.S. leg of The Eras tour brought in billions (yes, that's right BILLIONS) of dollars and caused Ticketmaster havoc. This past weekend Swift released Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie and it raked in over $95 million opening weekend.

The popstar is also currently dating Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Travis Kelce and Swift has gotten more screen time than the opposing team during every game she's been to.

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Okay, that last statement might be slightly exaggerated, but you catch my drift. Taylor Swift is everywhere and that means the scammers are out. So, we wanted to warn you before things get crazy.

Don't Fall For This Taylor Swift Facebook Scam

Have you heard the news? We're giving you a chance to see the infamous Eras Tour in May 2024 in Paris, France! It truly is a trip of a lifetime. Winners will be hooked up with airfare for 2, tickets to The Eras Tour on Saturday, May 11th, hotel accommodations and $500 spending cash.

You'll see posts on our website about the giveaway and on our Facebook page. Now, this is where the scam comes in.


When a post goes up on our and other radio station pages about contests and winning, that triggers the scam bots to pop up. They get to work fast creating accounts that look just like ours.

The copycat accounts will leave comments along the lines of: "You've won! Click this link for your tickets!"


There will also be bot accounts that look like normal everyday people saying things like "I can't go to the show, I'm trying to get rid of my tickets." We would suggest not making contact with these accounts either.

If you are a Taylor Swift ticket winner we will reach out to you directly by phone and hopefully have some fun with you on the air about you winnings.

Win Taylor Swift Tickets with The Wolf

For the next few weeks, we'll be giving you 5 chances a day to get in on the winning. Monday through Friday at 8:20 am, 10:20 am, 1:20 pm, 4:20 pm and 7:20 pm we'll give you a different code each hour to put in through The Wolf Country app.

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs
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Each entry is another way for you to get in on The Eras Tour in Paris fun! Download the Wolf Country App and be ready for that winning phone call!


Rent Taylor Swift's Former New York Home

Rent the West Village townhouse that superstar Taylor Swift once called home and was the inspiration for the songs 'Cornelia Street' and 'King of My Heart'. Currently listed by Jennifer Rahilly for Corcoran.

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Look Inside Taylor Swift's "Cornelia Street" Apartment For Sale in NYC

"I rent a place on Cornelia Street"... Yes you do, and THIS is it! The 4 bed, 7 bath home in New York City comes in at a "gorgeous" $45,000 a month. But with an indoor pool and garage, why not spend your life savings living lavish in Taylor Swift's home.

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A Taylor Swift Song About Travis Kelce Playing The New York Jets?

We asked ChatGPT to write and create a song with a simple request: Please write a Taylor Swift song about her coming to watch Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs take on the New York Jets in New Jersey. We didn't ask it for breakup songs, or any other terrible Swift puns you have seen. Just that request.

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