It's a hot-button issue that many across the region are talking about. Should pets be allowed in restaurants or dining establishments?

Of course, this excludes service dogs who are trained to perform tasks with for a person with a disability or illness.

Should Pets Be Allowed in Dining Establishment?

As a dog owner and animal lover, I know it's sad to think about your pet at home all alone. When I first got my dog I was excited to bring him everywhere with me. And while he's well-behaved and super friendly, I noticed the experience was stressful for not only him but me as well.


With that being said, I've seen the argument debated time and time again, should animals be allowed in dining establishments? We asked our social media audience to chime in and it was split right down the middle.

Hudson Valley Reacts to Pet-Friendly Establishments

We asked on our Facebook page: In your opinion Should dogs/pets be allowed at dining establishments?

Most of our answers were a variation of "If they are a service animal yes, if" One comment reads:

There are people who have allergies, and there are also young children who are afraid of dogs. I think if it is not a service animal, it needs to stay in the car or leave it at home where it would probably rather be anyway.

Another said:

Yes!!! EVERY restaurant/establishment where I live is dog friendly (outside establishments). It works… never any issues.
Owners need to be responsible for your dog. If your dog doesn’t do good in public or with other dogs, then you can’t bring them. That is common sense!
It’s really simple and such a great thing.
I’d rather eat with most dogs than most humans!

As the opinions were mostly split down the middle, this might have been one of our favorite answers from Samantha who wrote:

If they are well behaved and clean I prefer them over most people

Dog-Friendly Establishments Across The Hudson Valley

For those who are pro-dog-friendly restaurants, there are tons of places to visit across the Hudson Valley to visit. As a dog mom who has dabbled in bringing my pup places with me, I suggest checking the website of the establishment you're going to visit.

You never know, rules and dog-friendly approval can change at any moment.

With that being said here are a few places to check out with your dog around the region:

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