The question may be one of the oldest questions ever asked. The answer has been known to both create and dissolve personal relationships. It is a simple question that packs a big punch if two people don't agree. So what is this life-defining query that often gets asked on a first date? These 8 simple words, "Are You a Dog or a cat person?"

Turns out the question is so big people have done studies about it and recently asked not only are you a dog or cat person but they went so far as to break it down by state. Now I don't think that their intention is to have you move out of the state you live in if it turns out you are a cat person living in a dog state but it may be something you are curious to know.

Is New York a Dog or Cat State?


Time2Play set out to figure out which states were cat states and which preferred dogs and after surveying 3000 people they felt confident enough to release their findings. They were even able to determine that dog lovers share more pet photos on social media than cat parents. So where did New York land in this debate? No surprise really we are a dog state along with New Jersey and even California.

So the next question you may have is are there more dog states than cat states? The answer to that question is No. The fact is that 25 states said cats while the other 25 said dogs. What you can see from the map though is the bigger states lean towards dogs as a companion.

Texas, Montana even Florida joined New York as dog states whereas Hawaii, Delaware, Connecticut, and West Virginia notably smaller states pick cats for a preference. Rhode Island the smallest state landed in the Dog column.

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