Maybe it's just in my mind because all I can think about is a vacation.

Is it just me or does the Hudson River smell like the ocean this week? For the past two days while driving near the New Hamburgh train station and driving near Marist College I get a big whiff of the ocean.

You know that salty fresh air when you make your way closer and closer to your favorite beach.

Listen, I'm embarrassed enough that I'm even writing about this so don't make fun of me. But there has to be some scientific reason for the beachy smell we're getting. Is it because of the change of season?

Is there a specific plant or maybe a kind of algae growing on the Hudson that is causing it?

Where are all of our Hudson Valley scientists at? I need answers.

Is quarantine getting to me? As I was driving on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie early this morning, seeing the sunrise on one side and seeing the Hudson on the other, then add in that saltwater air smell, I legitimately thought I was on my way to vacation.

Sadly, as I pulled into my parking spot I realized I was actually at work at 5am.

Whatever it may be, that ocean smell is totally welcomed here. As long as we're over that specific smell we get in the springtime, I'm good.

Do you smell the ocean too? Does it bring back all those vacation memories like it is for me?


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