Is it just a number?

In the ever challenging world of relationships does how old you are carry any weight on how you find your partner? I know that in past relationships in my world age has at one time or another been an issue.

My past is filled with some crazy relationships, and YES most of the girls that I've dated in my life have been younger than me. The last long term relationship had my ex being like 12 years younger than me and honestly we never had a problem with it BUT a lot of people did, at least in the beginning.

I would always hear things like, "robbing the cradle", or "DAMN, how did you pull that off?", dumb things like that were always sooo much fun to hear...NOT! I don't remember if she ever heard stuff on her end but I do know that I never got why people had such an issue with it.

Jess told us that she has reentered the dating app pool and has her age range set at up to 7 years older than her and 5 years younger. I keep telling her that she needs to adjust that to include more older guys because I think that if she gave it a try, she would be pleasantly surprised.

If you're in a relationship, what's the age difference between you and your significant other? Call or text us through the Wolf mobile app just like Kimmy did, she said, "I'm 47 he's 27." Shawn also texted in and had a great thought, "Age is Just a # it’s all about the connection and what you both have in common."

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