This has been bugging me since Sunday.

I was in Cold Spring on Sunday hanging out with my friends after a successful hike up Mount Beacon. We hit up The Depot for lunch (get the BBQ Chicken Salad and buffalo calamari, trust me) and then took a walk over to Moo Moo Creamery right by the water. What I didn't know is that Moo Moo Creamy is popular place and there was a long wait. We figured it was a nice day and we really wanted ice cream, so we waited.

Noel Hendrickson


I took a Snapchat of the line and captioned it "Waiting on line for ice cream because this is what my life has become." I didn't think anything of it until I got a message from a friend who has roots in Buffalo and Connecticut that said something along the lines of "you Hudson Valley-ers are crazy. It's waiting 'in' line not 'on' line." My friends and I then started discussing (read: arguing) over if it's  "on" line or "in" line.

So we had to bring it to the show, is it a Hudson Valley thing when we say "on" line and not "in" line? What do you say?

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