This brought back some fun memories.

While scrolling through Facebook I came across a post that brought me back to my childhood and trips upstate for vacation. Growing up in the Hudson Valley, I know many people who had the same vacation routine that my family had, which was usually pack up the car and get ready for a 2.5-3 hour trip up to Lake George.

While every vacation was usually the same, a trip to Great Escape, a ride on the Mini Ha-Ha and stopping at the arcade, sometimes my family went outside our comfort zone.

I remember vividly going to an old western town attraction. There were cowboys riding around on horses, a rodeo and dust blowing in the wind. I totally forgot the name of it, until posted about it.

Frontier Town!

After a little more research and coming across the site Abandonded Frontier Town, I learned that the nostalgic attraction actually closed their doors in 1998 after being open since 1952. The website reports that Frontier Town was "eventually taken over by the county for unpaid taxes ."

There are still some remnants of Frontier Town, from the old store fronts and rodeo signs to the church steeple that still up but covered by weeds.

Google Maps

According to the Abandoned Frontier Town website, as of May 2018 the state has started work on old Frontier Town and are turning it into a camp ground. Access to the ruins of Frontier town are restricted.

Google Maps