For the non-hip people like me, that means a second job.

In today's world most of us have to have a second or third job to just make ends meet, which really sucks!

According to BankRate, 37% of us have a side hustle that they say earns most people an average of $686 a month which if you do the math works out to around $8,200 a year. Which isn't half bad.

Some of the more popular side jobs include home repairs and landscaping, selling stuff online, making and selling crafts, and child care.

Do you have a second job? My first job is kinda like my second job as it all involves music. I do the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show weekday mornings and if you don't know, I also run my own DJ service, doing weddings, parties and of course country line dancing nights, Tuesday's at Billy Joes in Newburgh. Most years I actually make more money at the second job then I do at the first job.

Jess' side hustle is bartending at private events like weddings and such and she told us that if you find the right party to bartend at you can make a killing in tips.

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