I know I'm not the only one who has been cleaning like crazy during the quarantine. For instance, my parents have recently sent me some pictures of treasures that they've found while cleaning their home.

Just the other day they sent me a ton of pictures of my baby pictures and old books and magazines I used to collect. '90s girls, think J-14 Magazine with a ton of pictures of NSYNC, the Spice Girls and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Like I said, treasures.

They also found some hidden gems.

Like my old fake ID.

I think we can all admit at one point or another that we tried using a fake ID to get into a bar or maybe get some adult beverages for our underage friends. I had friends who paid big bucks to get their fake ID. They paid $200 just for the ID to get denied. Ouch. Luckily, mine was real and passed down in our friend group.

However, I used it approximately twice and it only worked once. I got into a Hudson Valley dive bar, when I was 20, on Thanksgiving Eve (aka the biggest drinking night of the year) and my older brother happened to be in the same bar.

He was not happy.

It was a very anti-climatic moment for me. The bouncers didn't kick me out, my brother did. Which was fine, because 20 year old me would rather play beer pong in a dirty basement anyway.

What's your craziest fake ID story? Are they still a thing now?  But now that I have my old fake ID should I message the woman who's ID it was and thank her for the good times?

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