Which one do you use to eat some of the more popular foods?

I was looking around online yesterday for stuff to talk about on the show and came across an interesting question from the folks over at Buzzfeed.

Do you eat these foods with a fork or a spoon? Buzzfeed asked people if they eat 10 different foods with a fork or a spoon and to be honest some of the results are surprising to me, especially the watermelon thing.

Here are the results:

1. Oatmeal, 97% spoon, 3% fork.

2. Jell-O, 92% spoon, 8% fork.

3. Chili, 85% spoon, 15% fork.

4. Ice cream cake, 60% spoon, 40% fork.

5. Peas, 54% spoon, 46% fork.

6. Mashed potatoes, 40% spoon, 60% fork.

7. Watermelon, 36% spoon, 64% fork.

8. Rice, 36% spoon, 64% fork.

9. Mac and cheese, 22% spoon, 78% fork.

10. Spaghetti, 0% spoon, 84% fork, 16% both.

What would you choose to eat some of these foods, fork or spoon?

If given a choice I would go with the fork for pretty much everything except, peas because I want to scoop up as many peas as I can with one spoonful and I think I go with a spoon for watermelon as well. How about you? Leave us a comment on Facebook.

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