If you look at your caller ID and see any of these area codes beware.

According News 10, if you get a phone call from any of the following area codes the odds are, you are about to try and be scammed.

News 10 says that the people behind these annoying calls have a bunch of different ways to try and scam us including calling a bunch of times in a row or hanging up after one ring to hopefully get you to call back.

I have received a bunch of calls from a scammer that is a recording of a woman, who plays it off like she can't hear me, she says she has fixed the problem and then I hang up so I'm not sure what happens after that but the scammers are getting really good at this stuff so be aware.

Scammers are also starting to use text messages as well.

Here are some of the area codes to watch out for: 242, 441, 784, 876, 671, 670, 899, 900, 684 and a bunch more.

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