Will the latest TikTok viral video make you look silly in public? Probably. Isn't that the case for most TikTok trends?

Last year anyone over the age of 25 would probably be embarrassed to admit that they were on TikTok. However, once we were all forced into lockdown we let down our walls and are basically addicted to the video app.

When I say we, I really mean me. I waste half my day scrolling through TikTok videos I'll admit it.

Anyway, I came across a video the other day of a man rolling up to a McDonald's drive-thru because he saw another video claiming that McDonald's actually sells $9 cakes.


Obviously, this piques my interest. Turns out I wasn't alone. News outlets like Fox News picked up on the story and now it's actually national news.

So we wanted to put the story to bed before our Hudson Valley McDonald's employees had to deal with it the annoyance of answering this question over and over.

Do Hudson Valley McDonald's Locations Sell Full Cakes?

The answer is no, at least for Dutchess County locations. We reached out to our McDonald's source who said cakes aren't sold in Hopewell Junction, Wappingers, Fishkill, Carmel or Brewster locations.

The Fox News story, as well as the TikTok,  prove that theory as well. Fox News reports most locations do not serve cakes.

It's a bummer, but let this be a lesson. You can't believe everything you see on TikTok, who would have thunk it!? (Insert heavy eye roll here)

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