Did the Freezing weather we had overnight this week freeze out our fruit? I certainly hope not. The last few nights in the Hudson Valley we have experienced unseasonably cold temperatures which set up the conditions for freeze warnings. We have all been anxiously waiting warmer weather to settle in for the Spring and as of today it seems like it might have arrived. Earlier this week that was not the story and local farmers had to scramble to save their blossoms.

If you live near an orchard you might have seen fires lit to keep the air warm. Some folks have even reported that they witness low flying helicopters. They use them to push the warm air back down to the ground. Many local orchards have large fans they use with the ground fires to keep the air around the trees warm enough to prevent the blossoms and young budding fruit to get frozen.

It is so important that the buds we are seeing right now don't get exposed to freezing temperatures. That includes ground fruit as well. Dressel Farms shared on their Facebook page what they had to do to keep their strawberry crop warm. This cold weather on top of the farm trying to figure out how to handled the Pick Your Own Strawberry season is causing a lot of extra work for our local farmers.

Wallkill View Farm checked in on Facebook to day with there hope that the cold weather is gone for 2020.

Let's just make sure no matter what happens we support our local farm stands and do our best to buy our fruit and vegetable locally. Here is to a warmer weather weekend.

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