Now here's a crazy and heroic story worth sharing. A Hudson Valley woman is lucky to be alive thanks to one brave officer.

Police officers take an oath to protect their citizens and they take that oath seriously.

A burning car on the side of the road is a horrifying sight but things could have been so much worse if it wasn't for an officer who sprang quickly into action.

According to Putnam County Sheriff's Department's Facebook page, a burning vehicle is exactly what Deputy William Verrastro spotted on Route 9D in the Town of Philipstown near the Boscobel Gardens.

According to the post Deputy Verrastro was driving on 9D when he suddenly saw a white Hyundai behind him drive off of the the road and crashed into a tree. The crashed vehicle then caught on fire.

North Highlands Engine Co. #1
North Highlands Engine Co. #1

The deputy didn't hesitate and ran to the aid of the trapped driver. It turned out that the the driver was passed out and not responding. The deputy and a good Samaritan who was not named both attempted to help the woman escape the vehicle that was engulfed in flames. The post stated that the two of them were able to get into the vehicle. The deputy freed her and carried the woman to safety.

If both the deputy and the other driver not been there at that exact moment the outcome of the crash could have been more tragic.

North Highlands Engine Co. #1 arrived on the scene to assist with the burning vehicle.

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