For the last several months we dedicated a special part of our show to Hudson Valley first responders.

We call it The Wolf Den of Heroes. Thousands of entries have come through our website from friends, family and co-workers of local first responders to give them the much-deserved spotlight.

Today marks the last day of The Wolf Den of Heroes for 2023, hopefully, we'll be able to spotlight more Hudson Valley first responders in the New Year, but I digress. Let's meet our December Wolf Den of Heroes inductee...

December Wolf Den of Heroes Inductee: Steven Doughty

Steven Doughty is a police officer with the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department and has been for almost 16 years. His wife Allison sent in a nomination on behalf of their 2 children and wrote:

What makes Officer Steven Doughty a hero? Our daughter says, "He's a hero because he keeps places safe and if anything happens, he's going to go towards it, not away from from it." Steve has been a police officer for almost 16 years and has been with the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department for the past 12 years. He spent several years on patrol and is now the School Resource Officer, mainly in Spackenkill, but also in many other schools in the Town of Poughkeepsie. Steve works hard to build positive relationships with the students and school communities he works with. He often goes to school events on his own time to support the students he sees every day. Even when he is not working, he is quick to help people in need. On several occasions, we have been out as a family and have seen someone in need of medical help. Without hesitation Steve was there offering assistance. Steve and I tell our children to "inspire by example." His desire to serve and willingness to protect is truly an inspiration, and it's why we consider him a hero.

Most recently, Officer Doughty and the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department were  seen working with the Spackenkill School District and Target in Poughkeepsie to bring gifts to families in need this holiday season.

As a token of our appreciation, Officer Doughty will receive a $250 Visa Gift Card thanks to our friends at Mental Health America Dutchess County.

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