Not only am I saying sorry to every person I ever judged for wearing these, but I'm also willing to admit I was WRONG!!

Many times over the years I've cracked a negative comment or two towards anyone who was ever wearing Crocs. I've said things under my breath like, "what kind of person wears those things?" or "there is no way those things could ever be comfortable!" and of course, "Men should never wear plastic clogs!"

I've often compared people who wear Crocs on their feet to the same people who think it's a good idea to wear pajamas to places like the grocery store or the mall. You should NEVER DO IT!! I'm still a firm believer in not wearing pajamas in public, but my stance on Crocs has officially changed. If the survival of the civilized world depended on me wearing Crocs, we wouldn't be here. Shame on you CJ!

Life-Changing Moment

Back on Saturday, I went to the Poughkeepsie Galleria to do a little shopping and found myself inside one of the shoe stores. Like the pet store, I can go to the mall without going into every shoe store...LOL! As I walked around looking for a slip-on type sneaker to wear while walking my dog, I stumbled into the Crocs section and as I stood there I thought, "you know what, let me try them and see what happens."

What happened is my life has officially changed and now I understand what everyone has been telling me for years.


Once I got passed how expensive they were ($50 for a pair), I realized they are easy-on, easy-off, easy to clean, and pretty comfortable for a simple walk with the dog. And if they get dirty, all you need to do is rinse them off with water and they are clean. My willingness to admit I was wrong has been met with mixed reactions, some saying, "What took you so long?!", "Crocs are the best thing since sliced bread, welcome to the team CJ".

My favorite reaction to me admitting that I was wrong came from Frank in Hyde Park who texted us, "If the survival of the civilized world depended on me wearing Crocs, we wouldn't be here. Shame on you CJ!" Up until last weekend, that was me. But I can now say with all my heart, I LOVE CROCS and I'm sorry for ever judging anyone who wore them near me!

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