Can someone please explain this to us.

For the first time in a while, both Jess and I agreed on something today!! Neither of us understand what the big deal is with Crocs. Neither of us own a any and we both agree that they don't look like the most comfortable things you can put on your feet. I mean they're called "rubber clogs" and that doesn't sound very comfortable to either of us...LOL! Up until today I always thought when I saw an adult wearing them in public, I always had a little "judgement moment"...LOL...I had the same thoughts when I see someone wearing pajamas in public.

Seeing so many people wearing them, Jess and I wanted "Croc Lovers" to call or text us and sell us on Crocs. Give us your best "elevator pitch" on why Crocs are something you LOVE! We asked and you guys delivered.

CROCS: Love or Hate Them

The Hudson Valley loves Crocs.

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