What are the chances that the Hudson Valley would survive an Alien invasion? According to some reports, pretty good!

Is this a ridiculous question to ask? Of course, but hey someone had to ask it. According to NJCasino.com, they looked into data compiled of information like "population density, number of UFO sightings, landscape (caves, forest, bodies of water) and defense (per capita military or law enforcement)" to figure out which states in America would most likely survive if the extraterrestrials decided to invade.


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Thankfully, out of all 50 states, New York came in 4th in surviving a possible Alien invasion. The NY Post breaks it down and explains that thanks to New York's" high number of cops per capita" and the "2,600 food and beverage manufacturers" will help keep New Yorkers alive when ET stops by to visit with his friends...

Was There a UFO in Wappingers Falls, NY?

It seems like every few weeks there will be an unidentified flying object sighting in the Hudson Valley. There's even an official database where folks can go to report any unusual activity in the sky. But usually, it's debunked to either a drone or balloon floating by.

However, back on Monday, June 12th, a strange disk-like object was spotted zipping through the sky in Wappingers Falls. Take a look at the video below and judge for yourself.

What do you think it could be?

Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley

This isn't the first time we've talked about alien invasions in the mid-Hudson region. In 2021, Discovery + released a documentary called Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley where extraterrestrial and paranormal experts looked into what could be causing over 3,000 extraterrestrial encounters over the last decade.

Maybe the aliens have already landed here in the Hudson Valley and left us some art. Have you seen the apocalyptic-like artwork on 17K? According to some, it looks like aliens made it. Check it out below:

7 Apocalyptic Art Pieces Near 17K That Looks Like Aliens Made Them

Musicians That Believe in Aliens

Tom DeLonge has got A LOT of company.

UFO Pics Released By the U.S. Government


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