Over the next week or so many of us will find ourselves eating a few more jelly beans than normal and we may even indulge in a Peep or two. Easter is fast approaching and it is time to dig out the Easter Bonnet with the matching basket and start gathering some eggs. Soon kitchens all over the Hudson Valley will be filled with the smell of boiling eggs and PAAS Dye.

The best part about making all those Easter egg is that a large majority turn into deviled eggs. It is like a right of Spring to dig out Grandma's "dressed egg" recipe and turn all those boring hard boiled eggs into culinary treats. This year I may add a few more foods that symbolize Easter to the holiday meal menu.

Symbols that represent Easter range from Religious origins like lambs and crosses to more commercial symbols like Bunnies and Pretzels. That's right the pretzel is an Easter symbol. According to the folks at Kiddy House there are 9 including the pretzel. They have broken it down for you symbol, meaning and all. Check out the button below. So don't use all the spicey mustard in the deviled eggs, hot pretzels and mustard may be added to the table while we finish hanging Easter Eggs in trees.

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