If I remember correctly, I think I drove through Cornwall once and it was a completely by accident.

I struggle a little bit when it comes to using a GPS.

I was recently looking up a store that's in Cornwall and I did a little more research and found some pretty cool things about it. Wikipedia had cool info as well.

Healthy Lifestyle

Cairn in the forest
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A lot of people from the city would come and spend some time in Cornwall. Many thought there was some kind of therapeutic energy here because of the mountains, luscious forests and clean air. many artists would come and spend time hear to work in a peaceful environment. Sounds relaxing to me.

Historic Buildings

Rundown Window
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The Samuel Brooks House belonged to one of the oldest families here. This was used as a common boarding house after the Civil War for when people would come and stay for summer.

The Oliver Brewster House also opened it's doors to boarders who wanted to spend time in Cornwall during the summer.

 Famous Names

Fountain Pen
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Director Rob Cohen was born in Cornwall.

Actors Larry David and Richard Lewis went to a summer camp here.

Director Whit Stillman (John Whitney Stillman) grew up here.

Retired United States Army General David Petraeus graduated from Cornwall Central High School.

If you know any more cool facts, feel free to drop a comment below.

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