As the weather gets warmer, the sun starts to shine brighter and flowers start to blossom, we all can rejoice. The birds begin chirping earlier and everyone seems to be a bit happier.

More than ever, we can begin to spend more time outside and in nature. For a lot of people, this is how they relax, unwind and feel good on the inside.

For me, being in nature is very important and benefits my mental health which then improves my overall wellbeing. There's something so soothing about mother nature. The more time we spend in it, the more we become connected with ourselves.

What's your favorite outdoor activity?


Some Hudson Valley residents enjoy walking, biking, hiking, exploring, and even gardening. It seems that everyone has a different activity that brings them joy. For me, it truly is all of the above. 

My grandmother used to love flowers and had a passion for keeping her garden flourishing. I would imagine that tending to mother nature's beings would be relaxing.

I know a lot of people in the Hudson Valley who also take pride in their gardens. Some of them have the space to do so while others rent out a plot in a local community garden.

Depending on location, backyard, and greenery to plant, it may be easier to rent an area.

Where are there community gardens in the Hudson Valley, NY?

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There are community gardens all throughout the Hudson Valley. It seems like every county has a handful to choose from. Scroll down to see the complete list.

Why choose a community garden?

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There is so much to gain anytime that the word community is mentioned. Connecting with like-minded people, other residents in the area, and those who want to learn as well is important in any aspect of life. 

These healing spaces allow plant lovers to flourish in their surroundings. They can not only grow and provide for themselves and family but also be a part of someone else's journey as well.

Community gardens allow residents to grow their own local produce and fresh flowers. Being able to grow your own food is vital to overall health.

Some community gardens also have garden mentors on site.

Choose a Hudson Valley community garden below.

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Wilbur Community Garden

25 Wilbur Ave, Kingston NY 12401

Click here to find out more.

New Paltz Gardens for Nutrition

51 Huguenot St, New Paltz NY 12561

Click here to find out more.

The Tivoli Community Garden

Pine St, Tivoli NY 12583

Click here to find out more.

Greig Farm Community Garden

227 Pitcher Ln, Red Hook NY 12571

Click here to find out more.

Town of Montgomery CAC Community Garden

1651 Route 17K, Montgomery NY 12549

Click here to find out more.


Have you ever been to a community garden? Do you enjoy planting vegetables or flowers? Share with us below.

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